episode 17

Vegan Road Trip Tips | Ep. 17

Who doesn't love a good ol' road trip??

I know I do!!!

In this episode I've got some awesome tips and tricks that will make your next vegan road trip lots more affordable, healthy, AND eco-friendly!

I've also complied a list of delicious meal ideas for taking with you on the road + a list of vegan snacks you can find at most gas stations.


▽ Vegan Road Trip Tips | Ep. 17 ▽

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⬇ Stuff I Mentioned ⬇

Meal Prep Cooler Bags: https://goo.gl/MZrDkr

Bamboo Utensils: https://goo.gl/hwMkoR

Reusable Metal Straws: https://goo.gl/PRqMvY

Stasher Bags: https://goo.gl/fMP1jS

Vegan Scanner App: https://goo.gl/Cu2DhC

Reusable Water Bottle: https://goo.gl/Kd3Gou 

⬇ Recipes I Mentioned ⬇

Easy Vegan Mayo: https://youtu.be/s3j4e3LNmtg

Overnight Oats: https://youtu.be/1ujMr7towZA

Cookie Dough Rawnola: https://youtu.be/xDTON_e88Fk

Oil-Free Hummus: https://youtu.be/yLHYp-SNkNo

Minimalist Baker's 'Cheeze It's' Recipe:


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xx Kristen


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