episode 16

Vegan at Costco, A&W Beyond Burger, & The Plastic Straw Debate | Ep. 16

In today's episode we're diving into the hottest vegan headlines of the summer!

We'll be chatting about the new vegan menu items at Costco and Starbucks (woop woop!), A&W selling out of the Beyond Burger, and where all of the plastic in the ocean is *really* coming from. 

Check it out! ⬇ 


COSTCO DITCHES HOT DOGS TO MAKE ROOM FOR VEGAN OPTIONS: https://vegnews.com/2018/7/costco-ditches-hot-dogs-to-make-room-for-vegan-options

A&W CAN’T KEEP UP WITH BEYOND BURGER DEMAND: https://vegnews.com/2018/7/aandw-cant-keep-up-with-beyond-burger-demand

VEGAN DRIVE-THRU EXPANDS TO FOURTH LOCATION: https://vegnews.com/2018/7/vegan-drive-thru-expands-to-fourth-location 

PPFF Menu: https://www.plantpowerfastfood.com/menu/ 

PPFF About Us: https://www.plantpowerfastfood.com/about-us/ 

DUNKIN’ DONUTS CEO ASSURES VEGAN OPTIONS ARE ON THE WAY: https://vegnews.com/2018/7/dunkin-donuts-ceo-assures-vegan-options-are-on-the-way

STARBUCKS ADDS VEGAN COCONUT LATTE TO PERMANENT MENU: https://vegnews.com/2018/7/starbucks-adds-vegan-coconut-latte-to-permanent-menu 

Ingredients: https://www.starbucks.com/menu/drinks/espresso/iced-vanilla-bean-coconutmilk-latte?foodZone=9999 

WEWORK WILL NO LONGER PAY FOR EMPLOYEE MEALS THAT CONTAIN MEAT: https://vegnews.com/2018/7/wework-will-no-longer-pay-for-employee-meals-that-contain-meat

FISHING, NOT PLASTIC STRAWS, IS DESTROYING THE OCEAN: https://vegnews.com/2018/7/fishing-not-plastic-straws-is-destroying-the-ocean

VEGAN MUSICIAN MOBY TO SELL $1,300,000 HOUSE, DONATING PROFITS TO HELP FARM ANIMALS: https://www.livekindly.co/vegan-musician-moby-house-farm-animals/

Moby's IG: (@Moby) https://www.instagram.com/moby/ 

Moby's Tedx Talk (Why I'm A Vegan): https://youtu.be/6DgUb9w8mOY 

Vegan Fast Food Options (Ep. 15): https://goo.gl/bGNjJ4 

PCRM: https://www.pcrm.org/ 


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