How To Cut Your Own Hair

Watch me cut my own hair in JUST 5 minutes

This works SUPER well for longer, curly hair - but I know lots of people who have tried this homemade haircut with hella success!

I seriously LOVE cutting my own hair at home. 


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I know it might seem super silly to cut your own hair - especially like this (and especially with dollar store scissors) - but I really, REALLY love it. 

So, if you're looking to save some dollars and some time, then try this out for sure. 

Just like everything else in life, this might not be for you. But that's cool. Don't do it if you don't wanna. I'm just trying to help a few peeps out who want, and appreciate, this kind of info. You do you! 

If you do try this simple, 5 minute, at-home haircut then let me know how it turns out in the comments below! I LOVE hearing feedback from all of you! 

XO Kristen 

P.S. I'm definitely going to get some good quality haircutting shears soon - as well as a nice, wide-toothed comb! So don't yell at me about that shit, mmmm k? ;)