30 Things About Me!

Wanna know some random stuff about yours truly??

Check out this semi-awkward '30 Things About Me' video!

- 30 Things About Me -

1. I've lived in Idaho my entire life.
2. I've been vegan for 5 years.
3. I just got engaged.
4. I have a cat named Monkey - and he claps!
5. I am a certified Health Coach.
6. I love animals A LOT.
7. I am over 6 feet tall.
8. I have a teaching degree and a history degree.
9. I am terrified of ostriches.
10. I taught myself how to read when I was 4 years old.
11. I'm weird.
13. I have several tattoos.
14. I'm a huge Chicago Bears fan - Blackhawks too!
15. I had to wear an eyepatch when I was little.
16. I was in the service industry for over 15 years.
18. I have my nipple pierced.
19. I love seeing live music and going to music festivals. 
20. My favorite smell is onions and garlic sautéeing in a pan.
21. I used to play the violin.
22. One entire corner of my mouth is completely numb.
23. I can't play any music instruments, but I can sing!
24. I love to dance.
25. I have epilepsy.
26. I love Rihanna.
27. I am a cancer.
28. I love to cook.
29. I want to be in a band someday.
30. I'm kind of obsessed with the moon.

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